Terms & Conditions

  1. Your Agents for Horse Racing Buddy Club are Kieran Looney & Gavin Nolan. Your agents along with the Trainers will make all decisions in relation to all horses for the duration of the leased ownership with Horse Racing Buddy Club.
  2. You are entitled to an equal share in all prize money earned by our horses paid out annually. First Payment will be December 2021 and every year thereafter.
  3. You are not entitled to prize money if you leave the club during the year and if not with us a full year you will get a reduced payment based on how many months you were a member at time of pay out.
  4. As this is Ownership , there will be no refunds however you can cancel at any time in my account section of the website.
  5. These horses are all leased to the club from multiple sources so there will be no Purchase fees or sales profit on any horses.
  6. There will be a Financial Breakdown sent to all owners before a week before pay out so everyone is aware.
  7. If we ever don’t have enough members to provide the cost of training fees for a particular month , we will use prize money, however we will not take on extra horses unless we have the members to cover it so that should not arise.
  8. This racing club is designed to make ownership possibly to everyone and not to make a considerable profit so Horse Racing Buddy does not insure you get a return on your investment.
  9. There will a monthly yard Visit to one stable every month , it will be declared two weeks before and you will have to state your request to come and will be sent all details.
  10. There will be a winning photo to all members if we ever have a winner with all connections that are at the track.
  11. We will not be able to provide access to everyone at the racecourse in these current climates , however we will do my very best to insure everyone gets their turn and a ballot system will take effect.
  12. We will have at least 2/3 days out during the year will be lined out again two before an event for people to get involved.
  13. Horse Racing Buddy provides Free Daily tips and betting advice to members. We are not responsible in terms of any losses therefore and any abuse towards any member, admin or agent will mean automatic expulsion and ban from the club.
  14. You have to be over the age of 18 to Join the club NO EXPECTIONS
  15. All disputes or issues contact agents and will be sorted and dealt with promptly and decision is final.
  16. By signing up you agree to all these Terms and Conditions and if you disagree please unsubscribe.
  17. Kieran Looney & Gavin Nolan
    Horse Racing Buddy Club Agents